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Explore, Express, Share

The flexible LED display allows for virtually any design to be displayed on the back of the Matrix. You can upload personal designs and photos right from your phone, or choose from thousands of other existing graphics on the Vixole marketplace.

Artest/designers can deeply redesign the graphic.

Coder/Programmer can code the visual effects, and even match with music or sneaker's movement. For example: dancing or skateboarding.

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You can design your own style, and use code to do more advanced design and sell them in Vixole Design Marketplace. Remix your sneaker. Define your own brand.


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Integrate with existing Apps

The Vixole Matrix is equipped with 8 different sensors, each giving birth to limitless possibilities.

We are living in a life designed by others.
We choose our path based on others' perspectives.
We make the decisions based on others' aesthetics.
We wear our clothes based on others' creativities.
Now, it's the time for us to be Ourselves!

We believe that everyone has the ability to be unique.
We believe that everyone should form their own chain of thoughts.
We believe that everyone should be their own Designers!

Let us tell you a different story...


Who's talking about VIXOLE

Whether you’re a biker, a skater, or a dancer, vixole wants to be the smart shoe for you
VIXOLE shoe puts an active LED display on your feet
— Engadget
This is the chance for people to use their creativity to become their own fashion design
— digital trends